We Are Hiring!

Applications are now open for our Executive Director position. 

The Executive Director (E.D) holds a key leadership position in the Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce. Under the authority of the Board of Directors, the E.D. assumes complete responsibility for carrying out assigned policies and regulations. The E.D. has the authority to direct the implementation of the Chamber's programs and services, and is repsonsible for the management of other staff members and volunteers. The E.D. is the "face" and "voice" of our Chamber.

Summary of Responsibilites
- Directs day-to-day operations;
- Implements policy;
- Attends all Executive and Board meetings (as required), and is invitied to all committee meetings (as required); 
- Acts as a consultant to the Board and its committees.

Key Responsibilites
1) Administers the day-to-day operations of the Chamber; 

2) Prepares procedure statements for Board policies;

3) Prepares and submits potential Bylaw and Policy/Procedures amendments to the Board of Directors for consideration/approval;

5) Responds to inquiries from the Business Community promptly and professionally;

6) Prepares monthly activity report for the Board;

7) Conducts both internal and external environment scan to identify emerging issues the may affect the Chamber. The internal scan brings to the Board's attention issues arising from within the Chamber (i.e. an increased need for technological resources). The external scan identifies issues that may have an impact on the Chamber (i.e. Provincial funding changes);


8) Communicates with key stakeholders to identify the changing needs and conditions of the community that is served by the Chamber;

9) Taking of Minutes at Board Meetings and Annual General Meeting (or identifying suitable alternative source to perform duty);

10) Create documents which reflect the Minutes of the meetings;

11) File and maintain all Chamber documents (electronic and document);

12) Respond to Board requests for information and/or documentation.

13) Ensure that proper liability insurance is maintained - and specifically ensure that the insurance covers proper Group Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance that will provide protection for members' personal assets and for lawsuits brought on by accusations of discrimination, wrongful dismissal and negligent acts resulting in financial losses. Additional Commercial General Liability Insurance (office and events) is also required. 

Visioning/Program Management

Financial Management 

Advocacy Management


The Executive Director contract is for 20 hours a week at $20 an hour. 

​The SWCC encourages succession planning. Please note that an internal applicant has applied, but we want every opportunity to have the right person for the position, and we look forward to reviewing all resumes. 

Resumes can be sent to swccchamber@gmail.com 
No later than Sept 20th, 2022